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Useful dimensions for general design Drawing

Height Dimensions

Normal heel height 26mm
Vertical Space for foot 100mm
Stair Riser 200mm
Ladder Rung Space 300mm
Max Step height 380-400mm
W.C height 400mm
Stool height 650mm
Knee Clearance (min) 660mm
Table height 700mm-740mm
Panic Bar 840mm
Hand Rail- stairs 860mm
Work Bench 920mm -965mm
Hand Rails 920mm -1065mm
Door knobs 960mm
Counter 1020mm -1090mm
Telephone dial- Men sitting 1070mm
Push Bar 1150mm
Wall Switch 1220mm
Grab Bars 1380mm
Telephone dial-Men Standing 1450mm
Instrument Dials-Men Standing 1450mm
Mirror Centreline 1550mm
CatWalk ceiling (min) 1600mm
Highest Shelf 1830mm
Tel booth door 1930mm
Door height (min) 1980mm
Ceiling height (min) 2040mm
Std. Door height 2040mm-2100mm

Width Dimensions

Stair Tread Width-Min 280mm
Seat Width -Min 450mm
Seat Depth -Min 400mm
Internal door width =Min
Lift door width =Min
External door width=Min
Gangway width
-One man occasional
Clearance Round Main equipment 1000mm
Gangway width
-One man frequent use
Main Gangways 1830mm
Clearance Round Main equipment 1000mm
Clearance Round Main equipment 1000mm
Corridor Width- Unobstructed 1200mm
Corridor Width-
Allowing Wheelchair Passing

Space Requiirement

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Drawing Page

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