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Plastics Costs

Important note ..I have provided this reference information in good faith that it is only used in initial design assessments.  Material costs for detail design must be obtained by contacting suppliers.

These costs are all based on Dec 2005 prices.    I will modify this information in the first month of 2009


This page is includes information on the costs of different plastics used in mechanical engineering.  The costs are obtained by reference to links found on the internet (links 1,2 below).   I have converted the costs to english units although the costs are based on american costs in dollars and imperial units.  The costs are really only useful in as relative indicators. Real costs depend on country of supply and market conditions.

The resin prices do not seem to relate directly to the cost of standard products e.g Tube, rod etc

Table showing relative costs of various plastic raw materials / resins

The table below can only really be used to give broad relative initial material costs.&

Note: I am in the process of updating this information for early 2009.     Typical adjustments are Nylon 66 is now about 50% higher than the table and ABS is about 30% higher based on minimum range prices.   However current prices are all falling due to the world recession.

Material Cost. /kg
min max
ABS 1,006 1,38
ABS (transparent) 1,57 2,07
Acetal (homopol) 1,63 1,89
Acetal (20% Glass Fibre) 2,01 2,77
Acrylic 1,42 -
Acrylic (Impact) 2,36 -
Nylon 66 1,76 2,11
PTFE 5,66 11,31
PFA 22,4 31,7
PVDF 8,55 11,31
PEEK (30% Glass fibre) 41,49 -
Polythene (LDPE) 1,18 1,28
Polythene (HDPE) 1,18 1,28
Polypropylene 1,06 1,29
Poystyrene 0,92 1,13
Poystyrene (Struct.Foam) 1,32 1,36
EPS 1,07 1,13
Polysulfone (30% Glass fibre) 7,0 7,07
Poyurethane (ester type) 2,33 3,21
PVC 0,77 0,91
Silicones 7,30 8,05

Real Costs

In order to try to arrive a reasonably practical costs for plastic components I have obtained the cost of a representative plastic stock (a rod 50mm dia x 0.3m long).   This stock has an approximate volume of 0,0006m3.   This size has been selected because the stockist which are conveniently accessible on the internet, generally provide costs in dollars /foot length with diameters in inches and the above size approximates to 2" dia x 1 foot long. I have calculated the volume and weight and used these results together with the raw material prices above to obtain the theoretical basic material costs.    These have been tabled below against the prices obtain from the internet (link 3 below) for rod prices.

2009 I am in the process of updating these prices updated prices are shown *

Plastic Rod
50mm dia x 0,3m L
Density Raw Mat/Resin Solid Bar
ABS 1070 0,9 23
ABS (transparent) 1070 1,3 -
Acetal (homopol) 1420 1,58 7,25 *
Acetal (20% Glass Fibre) 1560 2,54 -
Acrylic (clear) 1140 0,95 16,6*
Acrylic (Impact) 1140 1,59 -
PTFE 2270 15,13 19,5*
PFA (PerFluoroAlkoxy) 2150 40,1 217,14
PVDF 1770 11,80 -
PEEK (30% Glass fibre) -    
Polythene (LDPE) 920 0,69 14,86
Polythene (HDPE) 960 0,72 5,14
Polypropylene 920 0,70 10,28
Polystyrene 1080 0,72 29,71
Poystyrene (Struct.Foam) 1100 0,88 -
Polysulfone (30% Glass fibre) 1240 5,16 -
Poyurethane (ester type) 1050 1,98 28,57
PVC 1390 0,74 19,43
Nylon 6 1400 1,74 6,70

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Material Costs

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