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Material Costs

Wood Costs

Important note ..I have provided this reference information in good faith that it is only used in initial design assessments.  Material costs for detail design must be obtained by contacting suppliers.

These prices are all Dec 2005 prices. I intend to update these prices within the first month on 2009.


This page is includes information on the costs of different woods used in mechanical engineering.  The costs are obtained by reference to links found on the internet.   I have converted the costs to english units.  The costs are really only useful in as relative indicators. Real costs depend on country of supply and market conditions.

Table showing relative costs of various wood forms

The costs are for 4 x 4 (100mm x 100mm) x 0.3m long (0.0030 m3 ) and are based on USA costs from a single agent (Late 2005).   UK costs are probably different so the table is only useful for crude relative values.

Wood Cost Comparisions

Type per 0,3m (ft)   Type per 0,3m (ft)
Alder 2   Imbuia 1,42
Andiroba 3,4   Jatoba 2,69
Apple Wood 2,6   Kingwood, Brazilian 13,7
Ash 1,89   Lacewood 3,05
Beech 1,79   Mahogany 3,71
Birch, Red     Maple, Hard 2,6
Birch, White 3.85   Narra  
Blackwood, Afr     Oak, Red 1,86
Blackwood, Tasanian     Oak, White 2,1
Bloodwood 2,2   Paduak 3,54
Bocote 8,24   Pau Amerello  
Boire 3,9   Poplar 1,37
Bubinga 4,11   Purpleheart 2,71
Butternut 3,69   Rosewood 22
Canarywood 3,86   Spanish Cedar 2,78
Che Chen     Teak 8,37
Cherry 3,14   Tulipwood, Brazilian 13,7
Cocobolo 8,4   Walnut 2,94
Ebony 22,2   Wenge 5,6
Goncalo Alves 2,96   Yellowheart  
Hickory 1,82   Zebrawood 5,54
Holly     Ziricote  
Plywood/MDF etc prices

Prices are from a typical UK suppliers catalogue late 2005.   Prices for comparative purposes only.  The prices are for reasonably large quantities.

For detailed prices please consult supplier..

Material; Thickness Panel Size Cost/Panel volume Cost.m3
mm m x m m3 /m3
Plywood Birch 21 1,525m x 3,050m 53.71 0.0837225 641.5241
Plywood Hardwood 18 1,525m x 3,050m 43.2 0.0976763 442.2774
Plywood Marine 18 2,440 x 1220 29.4 0.0535824 548.6876
Plywood Fire Retardant Class 1 18 3.050 x1220 31.51 0.066978 470.453
Blockboard Commercial 18 2,440 x 1220 11.84 0.0535824 220.9681
Veneered MDF Mahogany 19 2,440 x 1220 34.92 0.0535824 651.7065
Veneered MDF Oak 19 2,440 x 1220 29.17 0.0535824 544.3952

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Material Costs

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