Contacting Roymech

PLEASE NOTE: Roy Beardmore passed away on 9th March 2013. This website will therefore no longer be updated and email contact is now suspended. He is sadly missed.

All persons wishing to contact me are directed to this page.

I have created this page as an attempt to filter out all inappropriate messages.

At regular intervals I change my email address.

All emails directed to addresses other than the current one are deleted.

Please Note.

I do not supply or procure any materials or components. I simply publish useful information for mechanical engineers.   Any emails requesting quotations and any emails selling or promoting materials,r components, or services, are therefore of no use.    I am sorry but I will not reply to these emails

My webpages include google adverts which provide links to suppliers.    I also try to include links at the foot of each webpage to suppliers and sites providing relevant useful information.

I welcome any emails which comment on the content of my webpages and identify any errors.    I also welcome any emails which suggest improvements and / or suggest a need for additional information.

I am happy to exchange links with websites which provide useful information to mechanical engineers.    I do not generally exchange links with purely commercial websites which do not supply mechanical components.

If I can respond to requests for information within a relatively short timescale and with reasonable confidence I shall attempt to do so.    I am now retired and my webpages are based on information acquired from various reputable reference sources.    I cannot profess to be an expert on all of the information I publish although I do try , with limited success , to ensure it is of a reasonable quality.

I hope you find my website useful........

Roy Beardmore

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