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Reference Books of Use to Mechanical Engineers (English)

Mechanical Engineering Reference..

Note: These are books I have found useful. The editions noted may not be the latest editions. The links to Amazon provide information on the latest editions.. ..
  1. Machinerys Handbook , 27th Edition 2004...... ISBN: 0831127007
    Erik Oberg & F.D Jones (Machinery Publishing Co, Brighton).
    Essential for Mechanical Engineers. (My graduation prize) (American /International)

  2. Mechanical Engineers' Data Handbook ...1994...ISBN 0 7506 1960 0
    by J.Carvill (Butterworth Heinemann).
    Extremely useful - compact but comprehensive (British)

  3. Newnes Mechanical Engineer's Pocket Book... , 1993...... ISBN 0 7506 09192
    by Timings , R and May, T (Butterworth Heinemann Ltd, Oxford).
    Useful reference (European )

  4. Kemp's Engineers ' Year Book (published annually)...... ISBN086382-252-5
    (M-G Information Services Ltd, Tonbridge , UK)
    Very useful for Mechanical Engineers (European )

  5. Roark's Formulas for Stress and Strain...
    by W C Young,.. 7th Ed. (McGraw Hill) 2002....ISBN: 0071210598
    Essential for Mechanical Engineers. (American /International)

  6. Mechanical Design Second Edition-2004..ISBN: 0750657715
    by Peter R.N. Childs (Elsevier - Butterworth Heinmann)
    Covers all aspects of mechanical design - (British)

  7. Engineering Tables and Data,
    by A.M.Howartson, P.G.Lund and J.D.Todd......(Chapman and Hall 11 New Fetter Lane London)
    Very useful for Mechanical Engineers (European )

    Douglas Wright..The University of Western Australia

  9. Shigley's Mechanical Engineering Design (SI units) ..7th Ed. 2003.. ISBN 0-07-252036-1,
    by Richard G Budynas and Keith J Nisbett, ( McGraw Hill)
    Excellent American based book (Practical Engineering) -

  10. Theory of Machines and Mechanisms .. 2nd Ed...ISBN 0-07-056930-4,
    by J E Shigley and John J Uicker Jr, ( McGraw Hill)
    Excellent American based book (Primarily Theoretical Engineering )

  11. Fundamentals of Machine Elements ..2th Ed 2005 ISBN: 007111142-5
    by B.J. Hamrock, S.S Schmid,B.O Jacobson (McGraw-Hill Higher Education ),
    Excellent American document (Practical Engineering) - From USA- Includes Imperial and Metric data

  12. Machine Design: Theory and Practice.. .. 1975..ISBN 0-02-329000-5,
    by A.D Deutshman, W.E.Michels, C.E.Wilson, (McMillan Publishing Co Inc)
    American based book..Mostly imperial.. I have used this book many times over the years

  13. Machine Elements in Mechanical Design..3rd Ed. 1999..ISBN: 0 130618853
    by R L Mott, (Prentice - Hall Inc.),

  14. Design of Machinery . ..2003..ISBN-10: 0071215778
    by R L Norton, (McGraw - Hill International Editions),

  15. Engineering Design: A Materials and Processing Approach ..4th Ed 2008 ISBN-10: 0071263411
    by G.E Deiter, (McGraw-Hill Education ),

  16. Engineering Mechanics , Dynamics: ..6th Ed 2008 ISBN-10: 0471787035
    by J.L.Meriam, L.G.Kraige, (McGraw-Hill Education ),
    Useful as concise reference. From USA but mainly metric, Poor student reviews.

Engineering Materials

  1. Concise Metals Engineering Data Book . Spi edition (July 1997) ISBN-10: 0871706067
    by J.R.Davis (ASM International;
    From USA but including metric, Massive amount of information including coefficients of friction

Engineering Manufacturing

  1. Metalwork: Technology and Practice .. ISBN: 0026764865 (McGraw-Hill Education ) 1993.
    by Victor E.Repp, Williard J. DcCarthy
    Very clear a wide ranging book from a basic level - from workbench to automation..sorry its american


  1. Corrosion Engineering (Materials Science & Engineering S.) ..ISBN: 0071003606 (McGraw Hill Higher Education)
    By Mars G. Fontana, Norbert D. Greene
    A recommended reference text on the subject.

Engineering Drawing

  1. The Manual of Engineering Drawing: A Guide to ISO and ASME standards.... .. ISBN-10: 0750689854 (Newnes / Elsivier) 3nd Ed, 2009.
    by C.H.Simmons, D.E.Maguire
    A very useful information source for Draughtsmen - Provides guidance to BS 8888:2002 (watch for decimal points)

Thermodynamic /Heat Transfer

  1. Thermodynamic and Transport Properties of Fluids SI units.........5th ed. 1994.. ISBN: 0631197036
    by Rogers and Mayhew, (Basil Blackwell)

  2. Process Heat Transfer ..........SI Units 1950 by Donald Q. Kern, (McGraw Hill).. I think this is out of print (its a heat transfer bible)

Chemical Engineering

  1. Perry's Chemical Engineers Handbook... 8 th 2007 ISBN-10: 0071422943
    by Robert H. Perry (Ed), Don W. Green (Ed), James O. Maloney (Ed) (McGraw Hill)

Human factors

  1. Fitting the Task to the man - 4th Ed 1988 ISBN-10: 0850663792
    by Etienne Grandjean, (Taylor & Francis)

  2. Human Factors in Engineering and Design... 1992 ISBN 10071128263
    by Mark S Sanders , EJ McCormick, (Mcgraw-Hill International Editions)

  3. Metric and Design Data Planning and Design Data ...3rd Ed    2007 0750652810
    Edited by David Adler, (Architectural Press- Butterworth Heineman)


  1. Structural Engineers Pocket Book - 2nd Ed 2011 ISBN-13: 978-0-750686860
    by Fiona Cobb, (Routledge :Taylor & Francis grp.)
    Very useful reference source shortly to be superceded (08/2012)

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