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Chemistry can be broadly defined as the study of matter and its interactions.   The chemistry webpages also include notes dealing with physical phemistry which is concerned with the physical principles resulting in the chemical reactions between matter.

Important Note

The pages on this site only to provide outline information on chemistry which is useful to mechanical engineers.  For more detailed, specific information users are advised to use the links at the foot of each page..

Fundamentals Physical Chemistry Inorganic Chemistry Organic Chemistry
Metals-Non Metals Oxidation Acid Bases Electronegativity
Chemical Bonds Lewis Dot Structure Ions - Anions Chemical Reactions

Chemistry Sites..
  1. A chemistry reference site including information about chemical elements and chemistry in general.
  2. Sheffield University Periodic Table this Site includes extensive Chemical information
  3. Chemical Engineers Calculators...Loads of Information links for Chemical Engineers
  4. Linde Gas Safety data sheets...Information and Safety Data Sheets On Gases
  5. Science Gems....Frank Potters Science Gems..An extensive source of science info and links
  6. AP Chemistry -Study Cards... A set of chemistry study cards- Ideal look up revision aids
  7. Data for General, Inorganic, Organic, and Physical Chemistry... A very comprehensive set of Useful Tables
  8. Chemistry Guide....intuitive resource guide for all fields of chemistry