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Thermodynamics And Heat Transfer Index

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Thermodynamics And Heat Transfer Index

Important note: Please excuse the incomplete content on some of the pages.

Introduction... [Thermodynamics ..From the Greek thermos meaning heat and dynamis meaning power].

Thermodynamics covers the relationship between heat, work, temperature, and energy, including the general behaviour of physical systems in a condition of equilibrium or close to it.    It is a fundamental part of all the physical sciences.

Fundamentals Heat Transfer.....Insulation Thermodynamics Relationships Thermodynamic Laws
Steady Flow Equation Thermodynamic Properties Entropy Cycles
Heat Engines Four/Two stroke Engines Steam Turbines Air Compressers /Pumps
Boilers Combustion Condensers Steam Tables

Thermodynamics is an experimental science based on a small number of principles that are derived from experience.   Classical Thermodynamics is concerned only with macroscopic or large-scale properties of matter and does not include the study of small-scale or microscopic structure of matter.  Statistical Thermodynamics ( not covered on this website) includes the study of the thermal relationships of atomic sized particles

Thermodynamic /Heat Transfer Links
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  4. Evitherm...Virtual institute for Thermal Metrology- Excellent site for thermodynamics/heat transfer info
  5. MIT course notes...Excellent clear tutorial notes