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Rubber Adhesives

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Rubber Adhesives

Rubber Adhesives

Based on natural and synthetic rubbers set by solvent evaporation or heat curing.   They have relatively low shear strength and suffer from creep and are therefore used for unstressed joints.   They are useful for flexible bonds with plastics and rubbers.   Contact adhesives use rubber in a solvent and will join many materials.   Elastomer adhesives include natural rubbers, polychloroprenes (neoprene), acrylonitride butadiene (nitrile), butyl rubber adhesives, styrene butadiene rubber adhesives, polyurethane adhesives, polysulphide rubber adhesives and silicone rubber adhesives.

Rubber adhesives are not generally suitable for loaded structures or adverse environments (Polyurethane variants can be an exception)...

Note: Polyurethane has been included as a rubber like adhesive.  It can equally be considered as a thermosetting adhesive...

Type Notes
Materials Bonded
Natural Rubber Rubber solution with bonding by evaporation of solvent.   Not suitable for loaded structures or adverse environments.    Good for water but low resistance to oils and solvents.
Materials Bonded ...: Wood,Paper, Textiles,Glass, PF, UF etc, Epoxy, Polyester, LDPE/HDPE, PVC,, Polycarbonate, PVC, Acrylic
Used in contact adhesives providing quick, high strength permanent bonds.    Contact adhesion allows joints to be made without clamps/jigs.
Materials Bonded ...:Wood, Aluminium, Metals, Textiles, Brick/concrete/ceramic, Rubber, PF, UF etc, Polyester, LDPE/HDPE, PVC,ABS, Polycarbonate, PVC Acrylic, Amides(nylon), Polyurethane,
Acronitrile Butadienes Supplied as solutions.
Materials Bonded ...:Wood, Paper, Aluminium, PF, LDPE/HDPE, ABS, PVC, Acrylic, Amides(nylon), Polyurethane, PTFE etc,
Butyl Rubber Has inherent tackiness, good ageing resistance, low permeability.   Used for inner tube tyre repairs.
Materials Bonded ...:Wood, Paper, Aluminium, Metals, Rubber, PF, UF etc, PVC
Styrene Butadiene Used in automotive industry as for trims etc,- Pressure sensitive variation used for tapes.
Materials Bonded ...:Wood, Paper,Aluminium, Metals, Polyester, Polystyrene, Polycarbonate, PVC, Acrylic, Polyurethane
Polyurethene Two component adhesives which can be formulated for applications.   Resistant to acids, oils some solvents and alkalis.    Susceptible to moisture.    Load bearing duties viable.  Flexible bonds suitable for shock and vibratory loading. High strength joints.
Materials Bonded ...:Wood,Paper,Aluminium, Metals, Textiles,Glass, Brick/concrete/ceramic, Rubber, PF, UF etc, Polyester, ABS, Polystyrene, Polycarbonate, PVC, Acrylic, Amides(nylon), Cellulose Acetate, Polyurethane
Polysulphide Polysulphide adhesive resins provide a flexible and chemically resistant adhesive or sealant.
Materials Bonded ...:Aluminium, Metals, Glass, Brick/concrete/ceramic, Polyester
Silicone Rubber Set at room temperatures.   Has a high temperature service temperature of up to 300o C.   Low shear strength. Very good sealing /space filling adhesive - widely used for glazing.
Materials Bonded ...:Aluminium, Metals,Glass, Brick/concrete/ceramic, Rubber, Polyester, LDPE/HDPE, PVC, Acrylic, PTFE etc,
Latex-Bitumen Modified latex Bitumen emulsion, which dries to a tough black seamless, flexible waterproof and vapour proof membrane with excellent adhesion to most substrate.
Materials Bonded ...:Wood, Paper, Textiles, Glass, PF, UF etc, Epoxy, Polyester, LDPE/HDPE, PVC, Acrylic,

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