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BS EN ISO 5457 Drawing Sheet Sizes

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Standard Symbols and Abbreviations TO BS8888

Term Abbreviation or Symbol
Across Flats AF
Assembly ASSY
Centres CRS
Centre Line ..On View
Centre line ..On Note CL
Centre Of Gravity CG
Chamfer of Chamferred..In a Note CHAM
Cheese Head CH HD
Countersunk/ Countersink CSK
Countersunk Head CSK HD
Counterbore CBORE
Cylinder or Cylinderical CYL a note DIA
Diameter..preceding a dimension
Drawing DRG
Equally Spaced EQUI SP
External EXT
Figure FIG
Full Indicated Movement FIM
Hexagon HEX
Hexagon Head HEX HD
Insulated or Insulation INSUL
Internal INT
Least Material Condition..In a Note LMC
Least Material Condition..(Geom.Dim)
Left hand LH
Long LG
Machine MC
Material MAT
Maximum MAX
Maximum Material Condition..In a note MMC
Maximum Material Condition..(Geom. tol)
Minimum MIN
Not to Scale (In a note and underlined NTS
Number NO.
Pattern Number PATT NO.
Pitch Circle Diameter PCD
Radius..In a note RAD
Radius..Preceding a dimension R
Reference REF
Required REQD
Right hand RH
Round Head RD HD
Screw of Screwed SCR
Sheet (Drawing Number) SH
Sketch (prefix to Drawing Number) SK
Specification SPEC
Spherical Radius..Preceding dim SR
Spotface SFACE
Square ..In a note SQ
Square ..Preceding dim
Standard STD
Taper.. On Dia or Width
Thread THD
Thick THK
Tolerance TOL
Typically OR Typical TYP
Undercut UCUT
Volume VOL

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