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Drawing Title Blocks


BS ISO 7200 Technical Drawings- Title Blocks identifies the title block requirements to be used on engineering drawings.... The drawing sheet size should be in accordance with "BS EN ISO 5457 TD- Sizes and layout of drawing sheets"     Drawing Sheet Sizes


A title block is the form on which the actual drawing is a section.   The title block includes the border and the various sections for providing quality, administrative and technical information.   The importance of the title block cannot be minimised as it includes all the information which enables the drawing to be intepreted, identified and archived.

The title should include sufficient information to identify the type of drawing e.g general arrangement, or detail. It should also clearly describe in a precise way what the drawing portrays

The notes below relate to the title boxes included on in the title block to convey the necessary information.    The standard drawing sizes and layouts are described elsewhere.

The basic requirements for a title block located at the bottom right hand corner of a drawing are

  1. The registration or ID number
  2. The drawing title
  3. The Legal Owner of the Drawing

These items should be written in a rectangle which is at the most 170mm wide.

The tile block should also include boxes for the legal signatures of the originator and other persons involved production of the drawing to the required quality.

The drawing should also include a symbol identifying the projection. The main scale and the linear dimension units if other than "mm".

Mechanical drawings should list the standards use for: indicating the surface texture: welds: general tolerances and geometric tolerances, as notes referring directly the the relevant standards or a general note referring to the BS 8888.   (BS 8888 lists all of the relevant standards.)   BS 8888 should really only be referenced if the drawing is in full accordance.   

The drawing title block should indicate the date of the first revision.   In separate boxes to the title block the current revision with an outline description of the revision should be indicated.    On completion of each drawing revision an additional revision box should be completed thus providing a detailed history of the drawing.

Typical Title Box

Typical Revision Box