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Chain Drives

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Chain Drives

A chain is a method of transferring rotary motion between two parallel shafts. The chain drive is positive, efficient and high torques can be transmitted. The chain is generally made from steel although plastic chains have been developed

Types Of Chain Drives

Chain Type Description Notes
Roller Chain Motion transmitted using shaft mounted sprockets. Simplex chain consists of length of single links, duplex is length of double links, triplex is length of triple links. Chain drives should ideally be lubricated and regularly cleaned .   However experience shows that this drive method will work for long periods without lubrication or maintenance Roller Chain
Inverted Tooth Also called silent. Motion transferred via shaft mounted pinions (similar to gear wheels.) Higher power power capacities, higher speeds and smoother operation.   These drive system definitely requires lubrication. (Oil bath, or spray.)  
Leaf Chains These chains are used for lifting loads and do not involve tooth sprockets or gear wheels.   They are used on fork lift trucks and machine tools  

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