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Drive Motors

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Drive Motors

Most machines require a prime mover to initiate motion by converting energy from one form to kinetic energy of a drive shaft.   The source energy may be electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic, chemical, steam etc etc.   Machine used for this conversion process are listed on this page

Types Of Drives

Note: More details and pictures of all motor types below are to be found at the links below table

Drive Type Description
Used for the majority of industrial drives. With a 50Hz supply synchronous = 3000RPM/ Number of pole pairs. Inverter controls have enabled low cost speed control.
DC- Electric
Permanent magnet
Small,compact. More expensive than AC drives. Accurate speed control possible. Used mostly for speciality application.
Servo Generic name for motors designed for accurate speed and/or position control. Speed measurement used to enable accurate speed control. Requires special control circuit.
Stepper One pulse from a digital device creates one step (an incremental shaft rotation) of the motor. Very accurate control of speed and position. A stepper motor system does not need any type of feedback device to control position, which brings down the system price.
Hydraulic Motor Compact drives providing high torques and a wide speed range. Close control of speed possible. Driven by high pressure hydraulic oil circulation (210 bar +). External power pack required. Used extensively in industry and for heavy duty vehicles, JCB, Earthmovers etc. Variations include piston, vane, gear etc. Hydraulic motor is similar to a hydraulic pump
Pneumatic Motor Small high speed drive system (3000 RPM +). Requires pressurised air supply. (about 7 bar). Poor control of speed and torque. Generally fitted with gear reducers. Mostly used for hand tools.
I.C Engine
High speed, high power, noisy, polluting. Mainly used for driving cars/vehicles and tools. Overall probably the most widely used drive.
Steam Engine First industrial drive. Now used for more specialised application.

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