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Mechanics is the study of the way matter and forces interact with each other. There are a number of disciplines that relate to mechanics e.g Biomechanics, Classical Mechanics, Continuum Mechanics, Mechatronics, Quantum Mechanics, Relativistic Mechanics etc.
The notes in this section relate to Classical and Continuum mechanics and the following areas..

  • Classical-Statics... is a field within mechanics which concerns itself with forces when no change in momentum occurs.
  • Classical-Kinematics... is a study of motion without regard to the forces present.
  • Classical-Dynamics... is a field concerned with forces and matter when a change in momentum does occur.
  • Continuum-Solid Mechanics... governs the response of solid material to applied stress

Vectors Statics Kinematics Kinetics and Dynamics
Linkages Simple Machines Component Loading Basic Strain Theory
Failure Modes Buckling Notes Mohrs Circle Thick Cylinders
Rotating Disk and Cylinder Torsion Stress and Strain curve Loaded Flat Plates

Links to Dynamics /Kinetics
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