Spiral Spring Design

Spiral Spring Design

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A spiral spring consists of a strip or wire wound in a flat spiral .     This is subject to a torque to produce an angular deflection.     A typical spiral spring is a clock spring


D = Outside diameter of spring (m)
b = Width of spring strip (m)
d = Inside diameter of spring (m)
t = thickness of spring strip (m)
n = Number of turns of spring
k = Spring rate = M /θ Nm/rad.
E = Young's Modulus (N/m2)
M = Moment/torque on spring = F.D / 2(Nm)
L = Length of strip (m)
G = Modulus of Rigidity (N/m2)
I = Second moment of intertia of spring strip (m4)
F = Force to deflect spring N
y = distance from neutral axis to outer fibre of wire/strip = y/2 (m)
θ = Deflection (radians)
α = Tensile/compressive stress resulting from spring deflection (N/m2

Note: metres (m) have been shown as the units of length in all of the variables above for consistency.   In most practical calculations milli-metres will be more convenient.

Spring Rate

The spring rate k is defined on this webpage as the torque (Nm)per unit angular deflection (θ ).

Spiral Spring Formulae

length of Strip

Spring Rate

Spring sureface stress

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