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Timber as an Engineering Material

Important Note: The information on this page and on the linked pages in the table are generally in accordance with BS 5268.    This standard is now obsolete and has been replaced by Eurocode 5 (BS EN 1995-1-1 ). Outline notes on design of timber members to the Eurocodes is provided on webpage Timber Design to Eurocodes The information on this page (and the linked pages) is useful for initial design purposes and is generally comprehensive and clear. These pages also include notes on adhesive joint strengths which are not included in the Eurocodes


Timber is not normally considered an important engineering material and little information is available relating to the design of timber structures.    The notes referenced below provide information on the properties of timber, the design of timber joints and the relevant British Standards.

The notes are provided as a outline guidance to the methods detailed in BS 5268 -2 ;2002 Structural use of timber Part 2: "Code of practice for permissible stress design, materials and workmanship".   For formal design work it is recommended that the quoted standard and/or quality reference sources are used.

Timber Design Joints /Nails/Screws/Bolts Timber Properties
Typical timber strength calculations Axially Loaded Members Modifying Factors
Glued laminates Plywood Particle Board

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