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This is my mechanical engineers reference site.  Please feel free to visit. The site includes various tables and notes which are (I hope) useful to engineers.   The site also includes links to a wide variety of other web sites associated with mechanical engineering.   I have created this site to provide easy access to relevant useful information on the World Wide Web.

I have been using the internet for a number of years and my main conclusion is that when you want information - you generally want it quickly and conveniently.    I have generally found it easier to find the information by routing through reference books and catalogues than using the internet. This site attempts to remedy this problem.

It is important to note that Standards, Regulations, Codes, Reference Books and suppliers literature are essential design tools which must be used in preference to information obtained from my website.  The most important information I provide are lists of relevant standards, links to other sources of information, and lists of books.

In my opinion any UK company involved in engineering should have direct access to the current BS's using BS online.


I have typed in all of the tabled information and I have checked this information. However I cannot guarantee that the information is correct. You are strongly advised validate any information using relevant codes, standards and using suppliers specifications. I have tried to include links & references sufficient to enable any user of this site to contact very reliable sources of information

Please Help Me

It is probably clear to anyone using this site that I am a bit of an amateur.   I have worked in engineering for approaching 45 years I have to accept that we engineers (mostly me) make lots of mistakes.  (Roy Beardmore) Mechanical engineering is a very complicated activity.   Over the period of time that I have been developing the website I have received numerous emails.   Nearly every one of these emails have resulted in my improving some aspect of the website.   Please contact me if you spot any mistakes, notice any omissions, or identify any areas of improvement.  Access to my website is free.. you can however contribute by helping to improve the information content and quality.

Sadly Roy Beardmore passed away in 2013. I will continue his legacy of developing a useful reference website and add my 35+ of engineering experience

Guidance Notes
This site is intended to be mainly UK based (ISO metric) Desktop Links
  • If you require time/calendar information use the time link.
  • The Calculator is a Web based scientific calculator.
  • The diary link includes UK Holidays ,Week Numbers, International info
  • The General Reference links include Dictionaries, Search Engines, Encyclopedias, Telephone Directories, Street Maps etc. etc.
Tables, Sites and References
  • The Various tables indicated are self describing.
  • The Sites listed are all relevant to engineering and many include further lists, tables and useful equations
  • The References links are provided to assist in locating specifications and documents, online engineering magazines