Cantilever Beam, with Concentrated Load at Free End

Cantilever Beam, with Concentrated Load at Free End with point of interest

Beam Diagram

Cantilever Concentrated Load with point of interest beam diagram

Outputs in Metric and Imperial

R = V  ..... Cantilever Concentrated load Reaction force and shear force equation ..... ..... lbf
Mmax (at fixed end) ..... Cantilever Concentrated load Max moment equation ..... ..... lbf in
Mx   ..... Cantilever Concentrated load Moment at point of interest x equation ..... ..... lbf in
Δx   ..... Cantilever Concentrated load Deflection point x equation ..... ..... in
Δmax (at the free end) ..... Cantilever Concentrated load Maximum Deflection equation ..... ..... in

Enter Forces, Distances, Youngs Modulus & Moment of Inertia

How to use the Calculator:

Using the input boxes enter forces, distances, Youngs Modulus & moment of inertia.
Choose your units & press the calculation Reaction, Shear Forces, Moments & Deflections
button. Outputs in metric and imperial. The beam diagram shows the notation.

Material and Section Selection (still work in progress, more properties and sections being added)